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Exciting changes at Golden Heart Yoga in 2013


January 2013, Golden Heart Yoga is transforming into a new studio offering a wide range of affordable yoga classes for both yoga instructors and students. Golden Heart is one of the first yoga studios in Maryland to offer an easy path for instructors of all styles of yoga to teach in a professional studio setting without having to give up a large commission (typically 50% or greater) and the ability to connect directly with their students.

Times have changed. Many studios now have trouble filling classes and rely on free-lance instructors to market and attract students to their classes, yet still pay instructors a small portion of student fees and prohibit instructors from contacting students directly or making them aware of other classes the instructor may offer at different venues. Yoga instructors put in considerable time marketing their classes – whether it’s printing up flyers, sending emails to
friends or spending time promoting classes on Facebook, blogs, etc.

This leads to two common situations…

1. Some instructors are able to attract large regular classes in prime time slots – typically based on a combination of their experience and skills as an instructor, as well as significant time spent marketing their classes. These instructors typically fare much better than others in the studio environment, but still typically only receive a small percent of class fees.

2. Some instructors teach smaller classes in less popular time slots. Due to limited space, many never get to teach and for those who do, studios are forced to cancel many small classes making it difficult for newer instructors to build a larger following. As a result, many instructors get discouraged – scrambling to find inexpensive community space, toting around large bags of mats, blocks and other props; hence, students typically become discouraged by the change in environment.

We think there’s a better way…

If you are a yoga instructor, we realize you are already running your own business. At the new Golden Heart Yoga, we give you the tools you need to do what you love, teach yoga! At the same time, we respect the time you spend developing and promoting your classes and have structured a unique solution which allows you to teach more, reach more students and earn more in the process.

Later this month, we will make available a limited number of Instructor Memberships available for instructors interested in teaching their own individual, private and public classes using either of our two fully equipped studio rooms.

Instructor Membership includes the following benefits…

  • Teach in an established, professional, fully equipped studio. All props provided including blankets (cotton and wool), blocks, straps, eye pillows, sandbags and more…
  • We help you build your own yoga following and business. Instructors receive a listing on the bio page of Golden Heart Yoga’s web site, including a link to your web site or Facebook page. Attract additional students with free class listings on Golden Heart’s class schedule and free promotion on Golden Heart’s Facebook page.
  • Earn more from each class you teach. Tired of 50/50 class fee splits? Participating Instructors can rent studio space for as little as $20 for a 90 minute class – with no splits.

The old way: Teach 8 students (each paying $15) and earn $60 (50% of $120)
The new way: Teach the same 8 students and earn $100 ($120 – $20)

  • Your students are your students. Custom signup sheets provided which are yours to keep. Track class attendance, email your students to let them know of your other classesand services and build a long term following.
  • Prime class times are available. As of the new year, we are clearing our previous schedule to open up prime teaching slots to our new Instructor Members.
  • Affordable ‘in-house’ instructor rates for all sizes and types of classes. Teaching a private or small class? Rent our smaller yoga room for as little as $20 a class. Teaching a large class (up to 30 students)? Rent our large room starting at $30 a class.
  • Set your own prices. Set your own class rates, offer promotional discounts or teach community or donation based classes. Your business – Your choice!
  • Participate in our ‘Yoga for Yoga Teachers’ program (optional) and take free classes from other participating Instructors at the studio.
  • Be automatically included in the list of ‘subs’ (optional) and earn extra money helping your fellow instructors.
  • Hold your own workshops or trainings at discounted rates or rent space for special social events

Cost: Membership has its privileges – a discounted $25 startup fee for the first 6 months with no yearly contract. After the first 6 months, the fee becomes $49.

Studio fees: Smaller Studio: $20-$25 per class, Large Studio $30-$40 per class.
Availability from 6AM – 10PM, 7 days a week. Fee includes up to 90 minutes of time and varies depending on time of day.

We are only offering a limited amount of Instructor Memberships and will be awarding them on a first come, first served basis starting December 15th.

To be considered and added to our priority waiting list, please call (410-224-3278) or e- mail Elizabeth Lloyd at and include the following…

– your name
– level of training (e.g. RYT 200, E-RYT 200, etc.) and school attended
– style(s) of yoga taught, including any specialties

The program is expected to fill rapidly, so if you have any questions or would like to be considered, please contact us as soon as possible.




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